Charmaine — 

Loving the new body oil! Perfect for that winter dryness! My skin is lapping it up

Kim — 

I've been using the deodorant paste for about a month now and I LOVE IT!
It was so hard for me to find an organic deodorant that has the right smell, but it was love at first smell with Nayki's one I apply it twice a day (mainly cause I'm paranoid) but even then I still have so much left over. 

I'm trying their Autumn Spice body scrub next

Susie — 

The deoderant paste is by far the best I've ever had...smells amazing...and I smell lovely all day. I love it, I will be a regular xx

Anrea — 

Loving this product! I have a mild case of Psoriasis and within a week of using Nayki body scrub and all over body oil it has already started to clear up, so happy with the results and love that I can buy it locally!

Emily — 

Im addicted, im in love! Seriously, the Coffeescrub is Amazing.
Its crazy :D

Alice is having a baby sister or brother in april :))
My skin have been a mess, getting a bit better now, but have had red marks,not like scars, but marks After pimples, been so annoyed. But guess what, After 2 uses, they are goooone!!! Can't beleive it :D

As i live in Sweden The Winter is knocking on The door, n The skin is dry n pale n flaky, this scrubs Will be The perfect treat!!


LOVE the deodorant paste! I've tried so many natural deodorants and finally I've found one that works! Can't wait to try the rest of the range xx


Wow used the new Summer Dayz green tea scrub on my 38 week pregnant belly over the weekend, my skin feels amazing, soft and smooth and it smells delish and fresh! You girls have nailed it!!! Keep getting Nayki guys and gals! X


I will never use any other body scrub again now that I'm in love with Nayki! After travelling for a while and coming back to the humid weather in Australia, my skin was so dry and flaky and no amount of moisturiser could fix it. Now using Nayki once a week, my skin is so soft and I barely have to moisturise at all now. I can't recommend it enough.


I'm thrilled to finally find a product that's not only organic but actually works as well as it says it should! Thanks NAYKI for making me glow inside and out...LOVE it!


Love it! After a cold, dry Queenstown winter my skin was terrible. After only 3 uses my face is smooth and glowing! A little goes a long way so although it doesn't look like a big bag, it will last for ages. I also ordered a few bags for friends and they are all amazed! Xx


Tried Nayki tonight for the first time and I feel amazing ! My skin feels so soft! When I opened up my perfectly package I was so excited to see if it was all everyone was raving about and it was! not only did it look beautiful and smell yummy it works great aswell !! What more could you ask for !
I can't thank you enough my skin has never felt this good!



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