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Flower Power Toning Mist

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Our high-performance spray toner combines the curative powers of Colloidal Silver with the soothing properties of Rose Otto, Geranium and Jasmine essential oils to keep your skin soft, healthy and radiant.

Suitable for all skin types including those suffering from acne. Colloidal Silver’s germ-fighting properties help heal acne-prone skin working to remove the build up from clogged pores and speeds up the renewal and repair of skin cells.

Jasmine essential oil for treating dry, brittle, or dehydrated skin and stress. Rose Otto an antioxidant, has anti-bacterial properties and very powerful as a moisturiser, soaking in, and hydrating very dry conditions. Geranium oil may also be one of the best oils for such diverse dermatological problems as oily or congested skin, eczema, and dermatitis

Ingredients: colloidal silver, rose otto essential oil* geranium essential oil*Jasmine oil

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